Weekend Getaways near Kolkata

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Weekend Getaways near Kolkata

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Kolkata for a relaxing weekend? Look no further! There are plenty of incredible destinations just a short drive away that offer the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or simply in need of a change of scenery, these weekend getaways near Kolkata have something for everyone.

Best Weekend Getaways Near Kolkata

Kolkata, in West Bengal is the most beautiful place stretching all its road connectivity from the foothills of the Himalayas to the last chore of the sea. So, those residing in the City of Joy, Kolkata hold a great opportunity to access mountains, beaches, rural villages, forests and other places to visit in Kolkata or weekend getaways from Kolkata to explore out!

Whether you want to spend leisure time in a spiritual place to attain peace or experience impeccable sights of nature, here are some of the best weekend getaways from Kolkata mentioned in this BroomBoom Cabs blog. These weekend getaways from Kolkata are ideal for a short stay and affordable with BroomBoom Cabs outstation car rental services.

What Are the Top Weekend Getaways Near Kolkata?

Everyone searches for moments of peace and leisure away from work stress to maintain their required work-life balance. For this purpose, we have prepared a list of the top weekend getaways from Kolkata that you can plan trips in between your work and get your weary soul rejuvenated with our special customised outstation car rental packages specially curated to meet your needs. This is the best place to visit in Kolkata blog, where you can get all types of important information regarding the places near Kolkata so that you can plan your Trip Itinerary accordingly and schedule your Cab in advance with BroomBoom Cabs to have a Hassle-free comfortable ride.

Weekend Getaways From Kolkata (Within 100-200 kms)

1. Mayapur

If you are looking for places near Kolkata for weekend fun and to get yourself spiritually recharged, Mayapur is probably the best spiritual getaway for you with your family. It is a religious place calling for people whose utterly positive atmosphere makes all of your work stress go away and gives you peace. In fact, the affordable car rental packages from Kolkata to Mayapur by road are available only in BroomBoom Cabs App. You can pre schedule to get Top quality cabs for your ride.

How to Reach Mayapur by car : You can reach Kolkata to Mayapur by car via STKK Road/SH6. Book an outstation one way or outstation round-trip cab packages at guaranteed best cab rates in Kolkata on BroomBoom Cabs.

Places to Visit in Mayapur : Samadhi of Prabhupada, Chandrodaya Temple, Shree Chaitanyamath, Temple of Vedic Planetarium (TOVP ISKCON), Radhakrishnan Mandir.

Kolkata to Mayapur distance by Car: 128 kms

Best Time to Visit Mayapur : November to February

2. Sundarbans


The pride of India, Sundarbans is one of the thickest forests hosting thousands of mangroves and it is a perfect weekend getaways from Kolkata. You can get all natural beauty here starting from witnessing the Royal Bengal Tiger to exploring roaring rivers and beautiful estuaries. There are various kinds of flora and fauna available in the dense forests of Sundarban. However, for adventurous souls,  BroomBoom Cabs offer competitive outstation round trip cab with Jungle Safari packages to help you immerse in the Beauty of nature.

How to Reach Sundarban by car : You can take outstation car rental packages to Sonakhali, Canning, Namkhana, Godkhali, or Najat and then take a ferry to enjoy the ferry ride between the dense forest.

Places to Visit in Sundarban : You can explore Places in Sundarban like Marichjhapi, Ghoramara Island, New Moore Island. Our Pilots will guide you well.

Kolkata to Sundarban distance by car : 124 kms

Best Time to Visit Sundarban : October to March

3. Bakkhali

One of the popular weekend getaways near Kolkata, Bakkhali, is a small beach town that rests on the southwestern tip of the mesmerising place, Sundarbans. The pristine beach of Bakkhali snuggles against the fringes of the forest delta, thus offering a quaint tropical combination. Moreover, the vibrant tourist spots and little stalls available at every corner gives you a lively experience. Enjoy the calmness of the place near the sea shore with BroomBoom Cabs car rental services.

How to Reach Bakkhali by car : You can book a cab to Bakkhali from Kolkata through the leading best outstation online cab booking app, BroomBoom Cabs. The cab will take you to Bakkhali via NH 12 to ensure complete safety of you and your loved ones.

Places to Visit in Bakkhali : Explore the great Windmill of Frasergunj, Crocodile propagation centre, Jambu Dwip and Henry’s Island with us.

Kolkata to Bakkhali distance by car : 124 kms

Best Time to Visit Bakkhali : July to March

4. Henry’s Island

Henry island is named after a Britisher who survived the area a century ago. This place is covered in dense mangrove forestation and charms visitors through its beach. Henry’s island is located on the western edge of Sundarbans and it takes only four hours to reach from Sundarban by BroomBoom Cabs. You can dip yourself in the serenity and beauty of this place.

How to Reach Henry’s Island by Car : BroomBoom Cabs will take you to this fabulous Island Via NH 12

Places to Visit in Henry’s Island : There are many natural beautiful places to visit like Crocodile Breeding Centre, Frazerganj Wind Park, Bishhalakshmi Temple, Bakkhali Beach and the famous Jambu Dweep.

Kolkata to Henry’s Island distance by Car : 126 kms

Best Time to Visit Henry’s Island : October to March

5. Junput

For enjoying a solitary moment with your loved ones amidst the calm waters of the Bay of Bengal, the unspoiled beauty of casuarina trees, and a pristine beach, make Junput your next one stop destination for a weekend tour from Kolkata. This place prides itself in providing the required solitude and guaranteeing peace in this widespread commercialisation of today. Book a BroomBoom Cabs outstation cab service to spend some time away from the bustling nonstop crowded streets.

How to Reach Junput by Car : We take you through the safest route on your Outstation Trip. Here, BroomBoom Cabs will take you via NH 16 and NH 116B and ensure you a comfortable hassle-free ride experience.

Places to Visit in Junput : Top places to visit in Junput are Kapalkundala temple, Dariapur lighthouse

Kolkata to Junput distance by Car : 157 kms

Best Time to Visit: October to March

6. Shantiniketan

The history of Bolpur Shantiniketan dates back to 1862, when Debendra Nath Tagore bought land, built a guest house, and decorated it with various kinds of plants and trees. It is the place where the Nobel Laureate Shri Rabindranath Tagore grew up and thus is a sacred place to visit in Kolkata for many people in India. So, if you are a cultural lover attached to history, this little hamlet is your next destination to explore.

How to Reach Shantiniketan by Car : You can reach Shantiniketan by Car via NH 19 and NH 114/ NH 2B

Places to Visit in Santiniketan : Top Places to visit in Santiniketan by car are Kankalitala, Tagore’s Ashram, Amar Kutir, Kala Bhavana, Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kolkata to Santiniketan distance by car : 163 kms

Best Time to Visit: July to March

7. Mandarmani

Emerging as the new favourite spot of tourists, Mandarmani is a good option to consider for weekend trips from Kolkata. This place is blessed with a pristine beach and an unspoilt surrounding. Moreover, the sun rays glistering all over the water is a scenic beauty that you don’t want to miss. Also, the cab route you will take to reach here is covered with little paddy fields, but very enthralling. With BroomBoom Cabs, you will have the most relaxed and comfortable trip to Mandarmani.

How to Reach Mandarmani by car : You can reach Mandarmani via NH 16 and NH 116B from Kolkata

Places to Visit in Mandarmani by car : Amarabati Park, Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre. Nearby beaches include Digha, Tajpur, Shankarpur, and Talsari.

Kolkata to Mandarmani distance by car : 171 kms

Best Time to Visit Mandarmani : July to March

8. Tajpur

Tajpur beach is still unknown to people and thus does not attract a maddening crowd like Digha and Shankarpur. So, if you desire a peaceful weekend place to visit near Kolkata with your friends or family, this is your perfect getaway spot. This small town is tucked between Shankarpur and Mandarmani. The highlight of this place is it attracts hundreds of red crabs to its shores which give a crimson colour to the beach. Explore Tajpur beach with the affordable outstation round-trip packages.

How to Reach Tajpur by car : You can reach Tajpur beach via cab route NH 16 and NH 116B

Places to Visit in Tajpur : The famous places to visit in Tajpur are  Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary, Amarabati Park, Marine Aquarium. Nearby beaches include Digha, Mandarmani, and Udaipur.

Kolkata to Tajpur beach distance by car : 173 kms

Best Time to Visit Tajpur : September to March

9. Digha

Digha is one of the most popular weekend getaways near Kolkata, and you will be able to figure that out by the crowd’s excitement level and the noise. This place also wears a festive look throughout the year, so it is an ideal party destination amidst a sandy beach, calm waters of the sea, and the clear blue sky that lets you enjoy the real pleasure of basking in the sun. Digha is the best place to visit near Kolkata.

How to Reach Digha Beach by car: Take the cab route from Kolkata to Digha via NH 16 and NH 116B to reach here on time.

Places to Visit near Digha : The Famous places to visit in Digha are Udaipur Beach, Shankarpur Beach, Chandpur Beach, Amaravati Park, Wonder Land, Marine Aquarium.

Kolkata to Digha distance by car : 183 kms

Best Time to Visit Digha : September to March

10. Talasari Beach

Nestled on the border of West Bengal and Orissa, Talasari Beach is a popular weekend getaways near Kolkata for people who desire to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. A sight for sore eyes, this place boasts of fresh air, clear sky, pristine beach, calm waves thrashing the shores, and a vibrant atmosphere.

How to Reach Talasari Beach by Car : You can book BroomBoom Cabs via NH 16 and NH 116B

Places to Visit Talasari Beach : Lankeswari Temple, Marine Aquarium, The Science Centre

Kolkata to Talasari Beach distance by car : 191 kms

Best Time to Visit Talasari : July to March

Weekend Getaways Near Kolkata Within 200-500 kms

1. Chandipur

Chandipur can be one of the perfect tourist places near Kolkata for weekend retreats for people who are looking for a seaside destination to take a break from the cacophony of the City life. What attracts the most visitors to this beach is its serenity and solitude background. Moreover, the pristine waters, silvery sands of exquisite beaches and clear sky are just cherry on top. Get delved into its beauty by taking a ride to Chandipur.

How to Reach Chandipur by car : You can book BroomBoom that will take you Via NH 16

Places to Visit in Chandipur : Simlipal Forest Reserve, Chandipur Beach, Panchalingeswar Shrine, Nilagiri, Remuna

Kolkata to Chandipur distance by Car : 257 kms

Best Time to Visit Chandipur : July to March

2. Roopark Village

Roopark Village will take five hours to reach, but this place will surely deliver you a pastoral experience that will help you get rid of the stress and revive again. It is a unique tribal village that people visit to escape the madding crowd of the city. Moreover, what attracts the most visitors is its quaint mud and thatch dwellings.

How to Reach Roopark Village by Car :  Via NH 16. The nearest railway station is Balasore, from where you will have to book a cab from BroomBoom Cabs App as only BroomBoom is available there for providing you best service.

Places to Visit near Roopark Village : Shiva Temple Panchalingeshwara, Deokund Falls, Chandipur Beach

Kolkata to Roopark Village distance by car : 274 kms

Best Time to Visit Roopark Village : Throughout the year (you may avoid summer)

3. Puri

No doubt Puri is a hot spot for weekend getaways from Kolkata. A lot of tourists flock to Puri Swargadwar beach or Golden Beach all the time every year.  Lying on the Eastern side of India, this beach sprawls over an area of 15 kms, resembling a right-oriented conch shell. It is a pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees which dates back to the days that sheltered pre-Aryans, Sabaras, and pre-Dravidian tribes. Also, a major highlight of this place is the famous Shri Jagannath Temple, the Palace of Lord Krishna, a must visit place in Puri.

How to Reach Puri via Car : You can book a car to travel via NH 16 in Puri with BroomBoom car rental packages.

Places to Visit near Puri : Top places to visit near Puri are Konark Temple, Dolphin Point, Udaygiri, Nandan Kanan (Zoo), Chilka Lake, Bhubaneswar.

Kolkata to Puri distance by car : 497 kms

Best Time to Visit Puri : July to March

Weekend Getaways Near Kolkata Within 500-700 kms

Below given are the best weekend getaways from Kolkata by road. Book a cab in BroomBoom Cabs App in advance to get confirmed top prime fully hygiene cabs for your ride. Explore the best places near Kolkata by road to have a memorable road trip experience.

1. MongPong

MongPong is probably one of the best places to take a weekend trip near Kolkata by road if you want to forget all your work stress and get lost in the beauty of the Himalayas. This place boasts about being the flag bearer of the breathtaking views of the Eastern Himalayas. Moreover, the tranquillity of the surroundings make you enjoy the best moments with your family or friends in BroomBoom Cabs.

How to Reach Mongpong by Road : Book a Cab to reach Mongpong, the best weekend getaways from Kolkata by road Via NH 12. The nearest airport is Bagdogra, while the nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri station. From there also, you can book an outstation cab from BroomBoom Cabs to reach Mongpong.

Places to Visit Mongpong : Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Teesta River, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalijhora, Odlabari

Kolkata to Mongpong distance by car : 610 kms

Best Time to Visit Mongpong : Throughout the year (Try to avoid the rainy season)

2. Kurseong

If mountains are calling you, Kurseong is an ideal destination where you can spend your weekend. Nestled in the hills, staying in this small town is the required escape you need right now. You can spend time here taking a lazy stroll through nature or riding the famous toy train or roaming around the road in BroomBoom car rentals. Moreover, you can enjoy the scenic view of white orchids sprawling all over the area.

How to Reach Kurseong by road : You can reach Kurseong Via NH 12. The nearest airport is Bagdogra, while the nearest station is New Jalpaiguri station. From there you can book a car rental round-trip package at best rates to explore out.

Places to Visit in Kurseong : Sitong, Eagle’s Crag, Castle Tea Estate, Forest Museum, Kettle Valley, Deer Park

Kolkata to Kurseong distance by Car : 612 kms

Best Time to Visit Kurseong : September to June

3. Kalimpong

To enjoy a relaxed weekend, you must visit Kalimpong, the perfect retreat to eyes. This quaint town is situated at an altitude of 1250 metres, letting you enjoy pleasant temperatures even in summer. Moreover, since it is tucked away in the corner under the big umbrella of Darjeeling hills, the place is somewhat secluded and gives you enough opportunity to experience peace. Feel the fresh air and get ready to feel thrilled with the natural beauty with BroomBoom Cabs affordable car rental packages in Darjeeling.

How to Reach Kalimpong by road : Via NH 12. The nearest airport is Bagdogra, while the nearest station is New Jalpaiguri station. But, You need to book a cab to reach there via road.

Places to Visit in Kalimpong : Dr Graham’s Home, Deolo Hill, Pine View Nursery, Thongsha Gumpha, 7th Mile View Point

Kolkata to Kalimpong distance by car : 950 kms

Best Time to Visit Kalimpong : Throughout the year (Try to avoid the rainy season)

4. Samsing

Samsing, also known as the land of floating clouds, is an idyllic weekend getaways from Kolkata for families, couples, and solo travellers alike. Moreover, here you can also find an endless maze of green that makes every heart skip a beat. In addition, the presence of dense forest and sheer peace makes it one of the best weekend getaways from Kolkata. Explore the nearest best places in Kolkata with our car rentals services.

How to Reach Samsing by road : You can reach Via NH 12. The nearest airport is Bagdogra, while the nearest station is New Jalpaiguri station. You need to hire a car rental from BroomBoom Cabs, the leading car rental app to reach Samsing by road.

Places to Visit in Samsing : Rumtek Monastery, Nathang Valley, Suntale Stream, Gorumara National Park, Temi Tea Garden

Kolkata to Samsing distance by car : 655 kms

Best Time to Visit Samsing : Throughout the year (Try to avoid the rainy season)

5. Lava

Perched at an altitude of 2350 m above sea level, Lava is a serene little town and a perfect getaway to escape the city crowd. This little place is blessed with picturesque landscapes weaved in the splendour of nature. Moreover, it maintains pleasant weather throughout the year so you can spend the quality time you have been longing for. Explore Lavanya, Lolegaon with BroomBoom Cabs car rental packages.

How to Reach Lava by car : Via NH 12. The nearest airport is Bagdogra, while the nearest station is New Jalpaiguri station. You need to schedule car rental from BroomBoom Cabs to reach Lava by road.

Places to Visit in Lava : Lava Monastery, Neora Valley National Park, Pedong, Tiffin Dara View Point, Changey Waterfall

Kolkata to Lava distance by Car : 679 kms

Best Time to Visit Lava: Throughout the year (Try to avoid the rainy season

6. Rishop

Rishop is another great weekend tourist spot for those who want to experience nature from up close. This serene little hamlet has nestled up a narrow bridge with a picturesque valley on both sides. However, the top highlight of this place is the clear view of the mighty Kanchenjunga ranges with all its glory covered in snow-covered peaks. Feel the aesthetic view of the Great Himalayas range, Mount Kanchenjunga with BroomBoom Cabs services in Kalimpong.

How to Reach Rishop by car :  Via NH 12. The nearest airport is Bagdogra, while the nearest station is New Jalpaiguri station. You need to hire a car rental with BroomBoom Cabs to reach and enjoy the view.

Places to Visit in Rishop :  Kanchenjunga View, Kolakham, Tiffin Dara, Lolegaon, Pedong

Kolkata to Rishop distance by car : 688 kms

Best Time to Visit Rishop : Throughout the year (Try to avoid the rainy season)

Above is all the information you need to know if you are looking for the best weekend getaways from Kolkata. The piece informs you about the best places to visit near Kolkata so that you can take a tour to tourist spots which are not too far from Kolkata and light on the pocket. Moreover, they range from beaches, forests, and villages to hills. So, you can pick as per your preference. You can book a car rental with driver to have a comfortable ride with BroomBoom Cabs.

Car Rental Services :

One of the best ways to make the most of your weekend getaways from Kolkata is by renting a car. With the freedom to explore at your own pace and the convenience of having your own vehicle, renting a car for your trip is a no-brainer. Plus, with a variety of car rental services available in Kolkata, such as BroomBoom Cabs, getting to your weekend getaways has never been easier. You can book car rental packages of any car like Prime Sedan Top Model like Nissan, Swift Dzire or you can also book Prime SUV Top Model like Ertiga, Scorpio, Bolero. There are cabs available for luxury comfortable rides like Innova, Innova Crysta, Xylo Top Model, fully Sanitized and Hygienic with Top rated Pilots only who have more than 10+ years of knowledge of all roads, highly professional. BroomBoom Cabs offers 100% confirmation with Zero Cancellation and No Hidden Costs for all Trips. You can choose car rental packages starting from 08 hours to 12 hours or even for a day. Install the BroomBoom Cabs app to explore now.

Outstation Cabs Services for one-way and round trips :

If driving isn’t your cup of tea, outstation cabs services are another great option for getting to your weekend getaways near Kolkata. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a luxurious ride, there are plenty of cab services to choose from that will cater to your specific needs. You can choose outstation cab services for a one way drop at an affordable rates or you can also prefer a full tour cab packages for outstation round trip of more than 4 nights 5 days also with BroomBoom Cabs App, the only online outstation cab booking app in Kolkata that can even customize your trip itinerary based on your requirements. Sit back, relax, and let someone else take care of the driving while you enjoy the scenery along the way.

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When it comes to reliable and comfortable transportation services, BroomBoom Cabs is a top choice for those looking to travel from Kolkata to nearby weekend getaways. With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, professional drivers, and competitive rates, BroomBoom Cabs ensures a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers. Whether you’re planning a solo trip, a romantic getaway, or a fun weekend with friends, BroomBoom Cabs has got you covered.

“With so many incredible weekend getaways near Kolkata to choose from, why wait? Pack your bags, book your transportation with BroomBoom Cabs, and get ready for a memorable weekend adventure!”

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